Sher Symbol

Symbols hold meaning. Whether it’s the flag of a nation or the logo of your favorite football club, symbols hold importance to us. Sher isn’t just a clothing brand it’s a symbol. Sher is a symbol of defiance against the norms that society wants you to be confined within. Break free of the box that the world wants you into. Rebel against your own limitations.


But when you do so you’ll need an ally that won't let you down. That ally is sher. Sher will always be on your side when you battle through a workout or battling through a tough day. It's easy to forget our majesty in the day to day rat race of life. The sher lion will remind you of your majesty, resilience and strength in your most testing hour. Wear it with pride.

Sher means lion. Embody the spirit of the king of the jungle. Embody the confidence of lion. Embody Sher. Embody confidence.

Every one of our pieces of apparel is inspected by our quality assurance team to make sure there are no never any chinks in your armour. Sher attire is made from the coziest premium cotton blends and super soft polyester clothing. We aim to provide the heights of comfort to our Sher family so they can have comfortable power through high-calibre workouts.

Whether it’s a park through the park or a high intensity workout. Sher is always with you from the shadows.